Ladies, we need to stop the b*tching!


Whatever happened to solidarity and sisterhood?

I recently found myself being, I suppose you could say ‘body shamed’ and I must confess, it’s really got to me. Like most mums, my post-baby figure has been a thorn in my side for months as I’ve really struggled to get my pre-Isla figure back. I’ve hated my wobbly bits and have been wearing lots of loose-fitting clothes and pairs of Spanx to conceal my ‘mummy tummy’ and for a long time, actually felt very shitty about myself.

In a bid to give myself a kick up the backside, I bought a gorgeous size 8 dress back in March for my step-brother’s wedding, which was this weekend, with the view to shedding a few extra pounds to fit into it comfortably. After much hard work, it fit and for the first time in years, I actually felt like my old self again. I’m a member of a Facebook group of mummy bloggers and I posted the above photo into the group to celebrate my achievement with a group of like-minded ladies, feeling pretty damn good about myself for once.

Yet less than 24 hours after the wedding, I was bought crashing back down to earth by one snide comment, which simply said: “Not an 8 though is it”.

I know I shouldn’t have let it get to me, but it has. Was this person implying that I was lying about being a size 8? Was she implying I was delusional? I have no idea, but it really upset me that a complete stranger felt it necessary to say something like that to me. The responses from other members of the group were lovely and they called this woman out big time, and she’s since been removed and blocked from the group by the admin team. My post, at the time of writing this, has had 457 ‘likes’ or ‘loves’ reactions and 28 lovely, supportive comments from fellow group members, yet that one bitchy comment is the one that’s stuck. I even felt the need to prove to this cow that the dress was in fact an 8 by posting a photo of the label.

Ladies, enough! Life is hard enough without tearing each other down, especially complete strangers. Even if I had been lying/delusional and my dress wasn’t an 8, the fact that I felt confident enough to wear it, and was happy with my body for the first time in years, was surely the important thing here? Why did this person feel the need to knock me down? What had I done to deserve it?

Being cat-called by a group of lads in a souped-up Peugot while I was out running (“hey fatty bum bum!” how original…) is one thing, but this from a fellow mummy? Not cool. We need to support each other, not kick each other, especially when we’re down. I heard a great expression recently: “Just be kind. You don’t know everyone’s story, be kind to them, you don’t know what they’re going through” and it’s exactly right. This woman had no idea what I may have been through in my life, so she had no right to comment.

So come on ladies, let’s play nice!


Baby weight be gone!

There comes a point where you can no longer blame your extra weight on baby weight any more. For me, I said all along that this cut off point would be when Isla turned one, and now that she’s 13 months, my baby weight excuse has now expired and I’m still a stone and a half heavier than I was pre-baby.

I put on around two and a half stone when I was pregnant, and lost a stone within the first few months of Isla being born as I was breastfeeding, but the rest has settled around my midriff annoyingly and refuses to budge, so I’m wearing a size 8 top at the moment but a 12 in  trousers.

I’ve had a few issues with my extra weight. These aren’t excuses mind you, just genuine bugbears of mine. The first is that I have PCOS and that makes losing weight more difficult, plus I love my food. I freely admit I have no willpower and hate feeling hungry.

My attempts at dieting over the years have all been unsuccessful, and now I look back, completely ridiculous as I was around 8stone 10lbs and a size 8/10 before Isla was born. A very wise person said to me during this time that I’ll look back one day and realise that I never needed to diet and I’d wish to be the size I was, and they were right!

But all that’s about to change. I’m determined to lose at least a stone of this baby weight and get back to 9 stone. I’m overhauling my diet and cooking a lot of Slimming World recipes, and the house is now full of fruit and vegetables instead of crisps and chocolate.

I’m signing up to do the Wolverhampton half marathon (more on that later) and I’ve been doing some exercise videos from YouTube when Isla is napping (including the dreaded plank!) and going to the gym when she goes to nursery on Friday mornings, and now I’m working part time in retail, being on my feet for hours at a time helps too. 

I’ve bought some snazzy workout gear, including some funky leggings as you can see. Those blue dip dye leggings and grey stripy legging were a steal from George at Asda for £7 each in the sale, and the crop top was only £5.99 from New Look. This crop top has also become my motivation as I’d like to look like Kate Hudson does in her Fabletics gear! Consider this my “before” image!