The Adventures of Piggy Wiggy

Hands down, Isla’s favourite cuddly toy is her Piggy Wiggy we bought her from Sainsbury’s over Easter last year. He goes everywhere with her and she loves giving him kisses, and making us give him kisses!

But we don’t let her take him to nursery with her in case he gets lost or one of the other children throws up on him. So sometimes she takes him in the car with her and then leaves him on the seat when we arrive at nursery.

This whole silliness started because one time she left him in the car when we had that horrible cold, snowy weather a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t have her favourite toy left in the cold car all day while I was at work, what if he got cold, or lonely…?! So I brought him into the office with me for the day, much to the bemusement of my colleagues! I took some silly photos to show her what P.Wiggy had been up to that day and she LOVED them!

Someone suggested I make a photo journal of Piggy’s adventures to show Isla what her favourite toy gets up to in the day, so here it is! Here’s just a few examples of how Piggy Wiggy helps me in the office when he comes in…

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The Law of Sod

The universe has a funny way of noticing when things seem to be going well. As soon as you feel as though your ducks are in a row and things are good, that’s when the Law of Sod kicks in.

Here are my most recognisable Sods Law rules….

  • As soon as you think “Ooh my child has been napping brilliantly lately” that’s when they’ll wake in the night and/or refuse to nap in the day. Similarly…
  • You dread someone asking you if child is a good sleeper/eater/is well behaved etc etc, because as soon as the word ‘yes’ comes out your mouth, child will refuse to eat/sleep etc
  • If you need to be somewhere at a set time and you try to time your little treasure’s naps around said schedule, that’s when child will choose to have a super long nap and wake up 5 minutes after you were supposed to be there
  • The day you decide to nip to the shop without the changing bag is the day child will projectile vomit/poo/pee all over themselves
  • Not to mention feeding child in a restaurant and realising you only have one wipe left, and child has food all over themselves, their clothes, the table and you
  • When you’ve been planning a day out, night out, date night etc etc for ages. You’ve been saving for weeks, got your outfit all planned, booked taxis, hired a babysitter, and you’re just about to walk out the door. You utter the words “bye bye, see you later!” to your little one…almost out the door…then child chooses that moment to projectile vomit and present a raging temperature.
  • That beautiful (and expensive!) little dress you wanted to save for “a special occasion”? The occasion finally arrives…and child has now grown out of it so said beautiful dress has never been worn.
  • You rush to get child home in time for their nap, only for child to nod off in the car for 10 minutes and now child won’t nap 

I’m tiring myself out trying to be perfect

I currently seem to spend my days in a permanent state of exhaustion, with an aching back and itchy, tired eyes desperate to curl up in bed, but all I can think of is that the kitchen needs cleaning/washing needs doing/Isla’s toys need tidying/prep for tea needs doing etc etc etc.

Sound familiar?

Ever since Isla was born, I’ve been trying my best to keep a clean, tidy, harmonious house for my family. The last thing I’ve ever wanted is for my nearest and dearest is to think is that I’m lazy and I keep a horribly messy house for poor Isla and Hubs to live in, so I seem to go into overdrive and become a Stepford wife.

Hubs, to his credit, has told me many times there’s no pressure on me to keep the house immaculate and food on the table, and as long as Isla is happy that’s all he cares about. Yet I feel as a wife and mum I need to keep a tidy home with plenty of food, especially as he works away so much.

But what keeps going through my mind is that I’m obviously doing something wrong because I know I couldn’t cope with another child right now, if at all, yet other mums do exactly what I’m doing, and probably more, with multiple children. People always ask if Isla will be having a brother or sister soon and I feel I’m depriving her of a sibling and condemning her to a lonely life as an only child by not having another, as society seems to demand. Yet I know I’d struggle to cope with a career and more than one child, so does that mean there’s something wrong with me? Am I not “mumming” hard enough? Or well enough?

I know this pressure is all in my head, but I’m desperate for people to think I’m a good mum and if people see this knackered, frazzled mess I’m worried they’ll think I’m not cut out for this. One of my friends is a working mum with three children and she makes it look bloody effortless! Why can’t that be me?!


Life as a working mum


I haven’t been able to blog for a while, purely because I’ve been so damn busy! Being a working mum is wonderful, but any free time I had is gone and any hours I have left in the day once I’ve got home from work and Isla is in bed is spent either trying to catch up on housework or trying to spend quality time with Hubs.

Being a working mum has it’s pros and cons though. One of the big contributing factors to me returning to work was the money situation. Hubs earns a decent wage but we definitely missed not having a second income and things were getting really tight. There was no question of where Isla would go while I was at work – she’d go to nursery full time. This was our only option as we have no family living anywhere near us, but luckily it’s been absolutely fine because Isla absolutely loves nursery and gets so excited when we walk through the doors and she sees her little friends. Most of the time she crawls off and gets stuck straight in and doesn’t even notice I’m leaving!

The main problem we have with having no family around is if Isla is poorly, one of us has to leave work to come and collect her from nursery, mainly me as Hubs works away a lot. Thankfully my employers are wonderful and understand our circumstances, but not being with Isla all day does make me worry about her. I know this is silly because her nursery is brilliant and she’s very well cared for, but I’m used to being with my little girl all day and now only seeing her first thing in the morning, an hour before she goes to bed and weekends makes me sad. We really have to make the most of our weekends with her now, which means Hubs and I don’t get to really spend quality time together either.

It’s also bloody exhausting! We’re both up at around 6.30 with Isla and I end up running around like a nutter to get us both ready to leave the house at 8am. her nursery is on the way to my office luckily, so she’s there and settled in by 8.15 and I get to work at around 8.45. I pick her up straight after work at 5.30 and then we try to play with her and wind her down as much as we can by the time she goes to bed at 7pm. But by then we’re both knackered!

Coming back to work was a good decision for me because it’ll give me a few more years to focus on my career. I was very lucky to have been able to go back to my old job which means I’ve been able to go back to a job I love and know well with people I get on with brilliantly, so not having the added stress and pressure of starting a new job from scratch has been great. but if we do ever have another baby, I’m pretty sure we couldn’t afford two sets of nursery fees so my career will more than likely take a back seat if/when we have another!

Also I think Isla being at nursery is brilliant for her social skills and development. I try my best, but I couldn’t provide as much of an enriching or creative day as the ladies at her nursery do. They’ve all commented how much Isla has blossomed over this past month, her social skills are excellent, she’s happy and she’s brilliant at playing and sharing her toys with the other children. I know that she’s in the best place but i miss her so much during the day!


Stop scaring us with birth horror stories!

“It’s the worst pain you’ll ever feel.” “Take all the drugs, everything you can, it’s the only way you’ll cope.” “It’s horrendous. There’s no getting around it.”

I had all of these comments and many more in the weeks leading up to the birth of my daughter, and they scared me half to death. I have a low pain threshold at the best of times and thanks to everyone’s horror stories about very long and painful childbirths, I was so nervous about giving birth. I heard no positive birthing stories at all so prepared myself for the worst.

So to say I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t all that bad is something of an understatement.

I started having contractions at 3.15am on Sunday 6th September and we went into hospital at 7am where we were admitted to the assessment ward as there wasn’t any room on the labour ward, and ended up staying there until 9pm until there was a side room available for me. My contractions were painful, but not unbearable, and came every 5 minutes for most of the day and night, during which all I could have was paracetamol.

We finally went up to the labour ward at 9am the next morning and I was induced at around 10.45am, where the contractions got much more intense, and after 2 hours of pushing and an episiotomy due to her head being in the wrong position, Isla was finally born at 7.57pm.

Yes, it was long (41 hours to be precise), yes, it bloody hurt towards the end and it wasn’t the most pleasant experience of my life, but it definitely wasn’t the pain-addled, gut wrenching scream-filled horror show I’d been lead to believe and at no point did I think “I can’t do this”. I’m not saying I’d do it again every day, but I’m definitely not dreading the idea of doing it again soon.

I’m not at all diminishing how tough, gruelling, painful and traumatic labour is, especially when things go wrong and we need to prepare for a rough couple of days, also I’m sure I was lucky. But it would be nice if we shared our positive childbirth experience too. A good friend of mine is expecting her first in April and said she’d been scared to death by horror stories too, but had felt better hearing mine. 

I’d love to hear some of your positive birth stories too!

* I’m thrilled that this piece has been published on The Motherload! You can read it here…


Sliding down Fireman Sam’s pole

As it’s Isla’s favourite TV show, we watch a lot of Fireman Sam and to be honest we don’t mind watching it, it’s definitely one of the more bearable kids’ programmes. And some of the little aside jokes and comments the characters come out with do make us snigger (fnar fnar!) Whether or not the writers intentionally add in these little double entendres or it’s just our dirty minds reading too much into innocent comments remains to be seen, but I’ve put together a list of our favourite innuendos (In-Your-End-O…) that have been uttered in episodes of Fireman Sam, rated from 😮(mildly risqué) to 😲 to 😳 😵to 😱 (swoooon) in terms of naughtiness. See what you think…

  • Elvis Cridlington: I love sticky foam! 😲
  • Dilys Price: I don’t want my frillies flapping all over Pontypandy! 😱
  • Bronwyn Jones: Want a fishy nibble? Dilys: Oooh I love a fishy nibble, don’t you Trevor? 😱
  • Elvis: We can slide down the pole at the same time Penny! 😮
  • Station Officer Steele: My poor little vegetables 😳
  • Trevor: Hello Dilys, I bet you can’t wait to get stuck into my sausages! 😵
  • Mike Flood: Station Officer Steele, I’ve been tinkering with your flange joints all morning! 😱
  • Steele: Cridlington, stop squelching! Elvis: sorry sir, my pants are all wet! 😵

A nod to my child-free friends

In a previous post, I paid tribute to my wonderful mummy friends who have been so amazing since I became a mummy and who I wouldn’t be without now. Well this blog post is for those amazing, understanding, supportive, non-mummy friends, the still-footloose-and-fancyfree ones who are effortlessly cool and don’t judge me for being a boring mum. 

They say you find out who your true friends are when the going gets tough, and since having Isla, our lives have turned upside down and we’ve truly seen who our real friends are. So for those who are still here, I just want to say thank you:

  • For not rolling your eyes when I waffle on and on about Isla for the seventh time in half an hour.
  • For understanding when I have to be selective about what plans we do together, either for monetary, childcare or sheer exhaustion reasons.
  • For being flexible and making the effort to come and see us to keep our friendships alive, as you know it’s hard to just “pop over” these days, and get togethers involve much planning and revolve around Isla’s routine….
  • And also for understanding when I’m so tired I call it a night early when we do get together.
  • For not kicking my arse to kingdom come for not replying to texts/Facebook messages/Whatsapps for hours/days/weeks because my memory is just plain terrible these days
  • For offering to babysit to give Hubs and I a bit of a breather
  • For still sticking by my side even though my life has changed beyond belief since my daughter was born. You are my true friends, and I’m thankful every day to have you in my life.