Sliding down Fireman Sam’s pole

As it’s Isla’s favourite TV show, we watch a lot of Fireman Sam and to be honest we don’t mind watching it, it’s definitely one of the more bearable kids’ programmes. And some of the little aside jokes and comments the characters come out with do make us snigger (fnar fnar!) Whether or not the writers intentionally add in these little double entendres or it’s just our dirty minds reading too much into innocent comments remains to be seen, but I’ve put together a list of our favourite innuendos (In-Your-End-O…) that have been uttered in episodes of Fireman Sam, rated from 😮(mildly risqué) to 😲 to 😳 😵to 😱 (swoooon) in terms of naughtiness. See what you think…

  • Elvis Cridlington: I love sticky foam! 😲
  • Dilys Price: I don’t want my frillies flapping all over Pontypandy! 😱
  • Bronwyn Jones: Want a fishy nibble? Dilys: Oooh I love a fishy nibble, don’t you Trevor? 😱
  • Elvis: We can slide down the pole at the same time Penny! 😮
  • Station Officer Steele: My poor little vegetables 😳
  • Trevor: Hello Dilys, I bet you can’t wait to get stuck into my sausages! 😵
  • Mike Flood: Station Officer Steele, I’ve been tinkering with your flange joints all morning! 😱
  • Steele: Cridlington, stop squelching! Elvis: sorry sir, my pants are all wet! 😵

2 thoughts on “Sliding down Fireman Sam’s pole

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  2. It’s true it’s full of little dirty comments Iv often thought the same, Bronwin…my seaweed is staring to get damp

    And the female vet….you can come and work for me anytime! In a dirty way


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