The first time your child is “ill” ill

We’re sending your baby up to hospital.” The words I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to hear, the moment I had been dreading, happened on Wednesday.

I knew all along that babies and toddlers catch bugs and get ill, it’s just one of those things. And we’d been lucky to make it til Isla was nearly 15 months before we had to whisk her up to our local hospital lickity split, but none of this prepared me for how worried and scared I’d be when it actually happened.

Isla had had a cough and cold for a few days prior and it didn’t seem to be bothering her. I’d dropped her off at nursery on Tuesday as normal and she was perfectly fine in herself, giving the nursery staff a big cuddle when she arrived and launched herself straight into playing. But a couple of hours before I was due to pick her up, the nursery rang to say her cough was worse and she had a temperature. She slept well that night but the next day she wasn’t herself at all. She showed no interest in playing or reading and only wanted to cuddle me. I got her a doctors appointment and she was diagnosed with a chest infection and given antibiotics and an inhaler. But later her temperature went up to nearly 40degrees so we went back to the doctors, only to be told we were being referred to the paediatric ward at our local hospital that evening.

I was so scared. I’ve read far too many horror stories about children being misdiagnosed (damn you Daily Mail) and was terrified my little girl was seriously ill. Even worse, Hubs was down in London, half way back from a business trip to Belgium. Luckily our hospital was wonderful and we were really well looked after. Her blood oxygen levels, temperature and heart rate were monitored and weren’t quite satisfactory enough for us to go home after a few hours so she was monitored through the night too. None of us got any sleep on the noisy children’s ward, but luckily Isla improved massively through the night and by morning, was back to her usual cheeky self with all her vitals back to normal. We were back home by lunchtime with instructions to keep up the inhaler for 3 days.

Seeing Isla so unlike herself and lethargic has been horrible and while I’m not daft enough to think she’ll never get poorly again, I hope we’ll never have to see the inside of the children’s ward again.


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