My sanity saving sisters

We all need somebody to lean on, as Bill Withers crooned. And us mummies definitely need a good support network around us.

I feel incredibly blessed to have some wonderful mummy friends, some of whom I’ve met at soft play, some just on walks around our area, and some who I’ve know for years but as we had children at around the same time, we’ve reconnected and become close. As both of Hubs’ and my family live over 100 miles away in Wolverhampton and Whitby, my mummy friends have become like a family to me and every day I count my blessings to have them.

I thought initially I’d struggle to make mummy friends as Isla and I haven’t been able to get to many mother and baby groups. We went to baby massage classes when she was about 4 months old and we go to Tumbletots on Thursdays (I can’t recommend these classes highly enough!) but other than that, we missed out on going to many classes. By the time she was old enough to get much out of the classes, she was struggling with sleep regression and I had to be so strict with making sure she napped every 2-3 hours and unfortunately, the classes in our villages just happened to fall when she was napping. 
But now she only needs 1 nap mid morning and luckily, my two closest mummy friends live a short drive away and both have boys a few months older than Isla, and the three of them play together really well.

Having a baby is the biggest, and most amazing thing we will go through and let’s face it, without these kindred spirits who are also in the motherhood trenches with you, you’d go nuts. 

Even popping over to a friends for a cuppa can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. Watching your kids playing together (I love this photo of Isla playing with her little friend Oliver!) while you enjoy a nice hot cuppa can be a real tonic, I know it has been for me when I’ve been going slowly round the bend!

There’s no one else who can listen to your exhausted ramblings about how you’ve been worried that your baby’s poo is a different colour than usual, or that they haven’t pooed at all, that they aren’t eating or how sore your nipples are when breastfeeding. Because those who don’t have children find such talk dull, or gross.

This past year with Isla has been wonderful, but challenging, and my mummy friends have been amazing during those tough times. If I’ve been panicking about Isla’s eating habits, sleep or just being a grumpy little bugger, my friends have been amazing. Helping out with poonamis in the park (poor Oliver!), making a mess in their houses, getting covered in pig poo at the farm (remember that Laney?!) and having to pinch their food when our munchkins get peckish, we’ve seen it all! 

So thank you ladies, I love you to bits, and owe you my sanity!

* I’m thrilled that this post has been published on The Motherload! You can read it here…


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