I’m worried that I worry too much

On an average day, I’d say that I stress about 239 different things. I admit, I’m one of life’s worriers. If Isla wakes in the night, I panic that she’s going to go through sleep regression again, and if I try and ring someone and they don’t answer, I automatically start worrying that there’s something wrong. Yes, I admit, I’m also prone to over reactions too.

Here’s a brief rundown of just some of the worries that go through my head during the day:

  • Is Isla napping for too long?
  • She hasn’t napped long enough, will she get overtired and not sleep tonight?
  • She’s taking ages to eat this meal, has she lost her appetite? Is she ill?
  • When will she take her first steps? Why isn’t she walking yet?
  • She’s small for her age, is that something to be worried about? (the health visitor says it’s fine, so I know this one is irrational)
  • She won’t be bullied at school for having red hair will she? I must make sure she learns a martial art 
  • Is she drinking enough? How much water/milk is she supposed to drink in a day anyway?
  • Should Isla be more advanced mentally/physically by now?

The worrying goes on and on, and let’s face it, as she gets older there’ll be much more bigger things to stress over. Toddler tantrums, teaching her how to read and write, school places, keeping her safe when she starts playing outside alone, teenage hissy fits, I could go on and on. 

Mums please tell me the worrying gets easier to control?! I don’t want to be known as the over cautious mum!


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