Big girls don’t cry (oh yes they do!)

I’ve always been the emotional type, but I’ve become so much more sensitive and emotional since having Isla, especially things involving babies and children. Some things are justified, but others have made non-mums raise eyebrows as if to say “what a pansy”.Here’s just a few random or silly things I’ve cried at since having Isla, rated from 1-5 (or 😥😪😰😓😭) on how much I cried:

  • A bloke finding out he WAS the father to his ex’s baby on Jeremy Kyle 😥
  • The scene in Aladdin where Al has to dig through the snow to rescue Abu, and he cuddles his cold, vulnerable little body to him 😓 
  • THAT scene in Dumbo, you know the one, I can’t even think about it it it without crying 😭😭
  • A poem on Facebook, written from the POV of a baby who’s mummy is trying ‘cry it out’ 😪
  • Isla nuzzling her head under my chin when we were having snuggles
  • The first time Isla laughed 😰
  • The Amazon Prime adverts with the Shetland pony who gets left out by the horses, his sad little face gets me every time! 😪
  • The Dogs Trust advert where the dog looks longingly at a knitted toy of his future owner and then they go trotting off together into the sunset 😪
  • DIY SOS, every time. 😭

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