Mum’s the word

Some days, I look at Isla with fondness, and more than a bit of sadness, as I think how much my mum would have adored her.

For those that don’t know, my mum died of breast cancer in November 2007 when she was just 52, I was 20 and at university at the time. I miss her every day, especially now that I’m a mum myself, and I know how much know that my mum wanted grandchildren to spoil. 

I’ll be honest, when I see or hear my fellow mummies saying that their mums have been looking after their little ones, taking them out for the day or just babysitting them for a few hours, it breaks my heart. And when it’s been a crappy day, I wish so much to have my mum around for some motherly advice.

My mum was an incredibly brave and inspiring lady. She’s the reason why I try to raise money for cancer charities every year, and just generally try to be a good person. I think to myself, would doing is make mum proud?

Although we fought like cat and dog when I was younger, once I grew up and got out of the “omg mum you’re so embarrassing/annoying/mean phase, we became really close. My dad plays snooker with his friends on Monday nights which became mine and mum’s girlie night. We’d have what mum called “a little drinkie” (Lambrini when I was younger and then gin and tonic for her, vodka and orange for me when I was old enough) and watch romcoms such as Dirty Dancing or Ghost (mum was so hot for Swayze!) 

The last photo in the slideshow was taken during one of the breaks in chemo in January 2007, we went down to London for a weekend to do some shopping and to see Phantom of the Opera, our favourite musical. That’s actually a wig she’s wearing there as she lost her hair. One of my funniest memories of this horrible time was when it started to hammer down with rain while we were shopping and we ran into a McDonalds to dry off. Not giving a shit, mum took her wig off and stood there drying it off under the hand dryer. The look on some snooty bitches faces was hilarious! 

Understandably, the chemo made mum feel like shit so I did what I could to help her feel better. I’d give her pedicures and manicures during our Monday nights and when her hair grew back really curly, I’d help her straighten her hair to style it like this wig as she liked it so much. 

I miss her so much every day, and now I try hard to raise money for cancer charities in her name so that hopefully, one day, no one else will have to lose a beloved family member to this shitty disease. 

Next year will be 10 years since we lost mum, so in September 2017 (you heard it here first!) I’ll be taking part in the Wolverhampton half marathon to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. I wanted to do something big for the 10 year mark and doing something as challenging as a half marathon in my home city is perfect. The route goes past the street where I grew up and my uncle’s house (mum’s twin brother) is right on the route too.

So now I’ve got to get myself fit, I’m hoping to do it in around 2 hours and I have a dodgy knee so this will be tough. But compared to chemo, what’s a little running?


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