Solving the country’s budget problems

The emergency services need more funding, that’s obvious, and it’s been obvious for years. But Hubs and I think we’ve solved the problem, just by watching Fireman Sam!

As Isla loves watching Fireman Sam, we spend a good hour a day with this programme on in the background, even when Isla has lost interest in it, and we can now clearly see where the problem lies.

Have you seen the amount of expensive, high-tech equipment Pontypandy fire station owns?! Sam has a fire engine, a 4×4, a helicopter, a specialised fire railway car, speedboat, dingy, diving equipment and god knows what else at his disposal – all in a tiny town in Wales! Why is Pontypandy so special that it gets all this high-tech machinery?! If this kind of expensive equipment was shared with other, highly populated towns in the UK, the problem of a shortage of equipment would be solved! 

Pontypandy is also becoming the Midsomer Murders of children’s TV! The amount of fires and disasters they have is getting ridiculous! But most of these problems seem to be caused by the little swine that is Norman Price. Seriously, that kid is a menace! How has he not been sent to a young offenders institution or at least got an ASBO by now? If I was his mother I’d’ve sent him off to juvie long ago!

These are clearly the sad minds of two tired parents who’s brains have been turned to mush, but what do you think? Should we suggest to the Department for Public Services that they need to prioritise the budget to benefit the bigger towns, and tell the Mayor of Pontypandy that if they get rid of Master Price, their disaster numbers would decrease massively so they won’t need the chopper anymore? Just a thought…


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