Lady of leisure?! I think not!

When I told a friend of a friend that I was a stay at home mum, he said that I was a “lady of leisure” and it took all of my self restraint not to either laugh hysterically or drop kick his nuts down his throat.
Because as all stay at home mums will attest, there’s NOTHING leisurely about my life.
From the moment Isla wakes up in the morning to when I finally crash into bed, I don’t stop. Even when Isla is napping I’m still trying to keep up with the endless household boring jobs. Here’s a vague rundown of a “quiet” day at home, i.e a day that doesn’t involve nursery, play dates or baby classes:

6-6.30am: Isla wakes up for the day and has a bottle. Sometimes I’ll bring her into bed with me for a few minutes for “cuddles”, which invariably means Isla will attempt to crawl off the bed, climb up my head or roll around with her stuffed pig cuddly toy
7.30am: Time for breakfast, which means I make Isla her Weetabix and toast and attempt to drink a hot cup of tea while she eats her toast.
8am: This is when I’ll get 5 minutes to eat my breakfast while Isla watches Fireman Sam, but no longer as her attention span doesn’t stretch to longer than that.
After that I’ll get her dressed and its playtime then. “Playtime” is basically keeping a wriggly, curious 11 month old entertained so I’ll read to her until she gets bored and tries to eat the book, chase her around the house as she crawls everywhere, stop her from climbing up the coffee table/tv stand/washing machine/oven/kitchen chairs etc etc
10am: Isla goes down for her morning nap, so this is when I’ll shower and dress, then get started on the first round of jobs such as putting in a load of washing, tidying up the breakfast things, hoovering etc etc, and at some point I’ll try to enjoy another cup of tea!
11.30am: Once Isla wakes from her nap, we’ll generally get out of the house for a bit, whether it’s a walk around the village and a trip to the park, or on Tuesdays I’ll take her swimming which she loves
12.30pm: Lunchtime! Generally we do baby led weaning for her lunches, so she’ll have finger foods like fingers of bread, strawberries, Pom bears, carrot sticks, slices of cheese and so on, finished off with a fruit yoghurt (all easily chewable stuff as she only has one and a half teeth). The good thing about her eating a buffet lunch is I can eat mine at the same time
1pm: After lunch it’s more playtime, and Isla tends to have most energy after eating so this is the most chaotic period of the day. This normally ends up with her ball pit tipped upside down, the balls throw all over the floor, me trying to stop her crawling into the downstairs toilet or climb up the radiator and more often than not, pull the Sky box from under the TV unit.
3pm: When Isla goes down for an afternoon nap, this is when I try to finish the washing from earlier and batch cook some food for Isla. I tend to make at least 4 portions at a time and freeze them, so much easier than cooking every day!
4pm: After nap time it’s more chaotic playtime until teatime at around 5pm, and then I start trying to wind her down before her bedtime. Which involves me trying to read to her and do counting, letters and colours, and eventually she gets bored and said books end up in her mouth.
6.30pm: Bedtime routine starts now, which involves a bath every other night, pyjamas and sleeping bag, bottle and a bedtime story before she goes into her cot at around 7pm. And breathe…… 

So that’s a quiet day. Factor in play dates or trips out where we have to be somewhere at a certain time and it becomes more chaotic. Jobs are crammed into the remaining nap time or the evening when she’s gone to bed, and showering is replaced by a quick stand up wash while I try to keep Isla entertained and out of mischief. So yes, lady of leisure? Not so much.

And by the way, yes that is a cheese puff stuck to her head in that photo on the right, she got all excited during lunch last week and started waving her arms in the air, cheese puff in hand, and it flew in the air and got stuck in her hair! I couldn’t stop laughing and luckily she kept still long enough for me to take a photo!


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