On a serious note

Taking a diversion from my mummy blogging, I want to share something that happened to us last weekend.
Hubs, Isla and I were shopping in Lincoln and just as we were heading out of the multi-storey car park to get started, the parking warden and a police officer came running past us as a passerby pointed to a spot at the other end of the car park, saying “she’s over there”, and we saw a young woman sitting on the edge of the barrier wall. We were three storeys up, so it was pretty obvious what she wanted to do.
As we left and went shopping, keen not to be rubberneckers to what was happening, the poor woman’s plight stayed with me as we walked around. Whatever had happened to her had clearly pushed her too far for her to take and my heart broke for her.
When we returned to the car park to go home, some two hours later, it was still closed as the officers were still talking to her, so we hung around Lincoln for a while longer as the paramedics gathered on the ground below. But thankfully half an hour later the car park was reopened and the parking warden told us that she was rescued safely. I hope the poor girl has been given the help she clearly needed.
What annoyed me more than anything was the attitudes of those on the ground watching. Some people had actually positioned themselves so they could watch. When we were leaving one shop, the sales assistant asked what was going on and when we told her, she scurried over to the window to take a look. I overheard one ignorant man say “she’s probably on a [drug] trip. A bad trip.” Then when another man asked us what was going on, he said “well she’s chosen a lovely day to do it, it’s nice and sunny!”
It’s little wonder that mental health is still a taboo in this country with such lassier-faire and callous attitudes towards someone at the end of their rope. In a society where we can discuss sex or politics so readily, why can’t we talk about our mental health in the same way without people getting uncomfortable and making stupid jokes?


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