Things not to say to a pregnant lady

Pretty much as soon as we announced that we we having a baby, I’ve been deluged with “helpful” advice, comments about my weight and declarations of how hard our lives are about to become. Granted, who the comment comes from and how said comment was phrased has been met with different reactions. For example my friends calling me fatty is fine, because I was a trim size 8/10 BC (Before Child), but people I hardly know commenting on my weight is a big no-no. Certain things I feel you just shouldn’t say, and quite a few comments I had during my pregnancy rankled. Here’s just a few of my “favourites”

– “What will you DO if it’s twins?” (From a friend of a friend just before my 12 week scan…well, it’s not like I can send one back is it?!)

– “Wow, that’s a big bump! Are you sure you’re only 16 weeks?” (From a woman I met at a conference. No love, the midwives and doctors have got it wrong.)

This was bump at 16 weeks, it’s not that big is it?!

– “You’re definitely having a girl because your hips have spread” (well thank you wife-of-acquaintance-I’ve-met-once for your kind words, my self confidence about my growing body has just sky rocketed.)

– “You’re going to be breast feeding?! Good luck, it’s so hard, I had to give up at 2 weeks!“ (Well doesn’t that fill you with confidence! Thanks neighbour of my auntie)

– “You look really big and tired today!” (How kind of you to say friend-of-the-family, because that’s exactly how I feel. And now I feel twice as big.)

– “I had to be induced/have an episiotomy/Caesarian section/to be stitched from front to back. It was more painful than giving birth!” (Heard all of these from different people, which put the fear of Christ up me.)

– “”Don’t breastfeed, it’ll ruin your boobs forever!” (Absolutely, because that’s my number one priority, not my baby’s wellbeing.)

– “Oooh don’t eat that, you’ll never lose the weight when the baby’s born you know!” (Great, thanks. Take away the fun out of treating myself to some ice cream why don’t you?)

I wonder, have any of you other mummies had any similar comments that have hacked you off to? What is it about pregnancy that makes people think it’s ok to comment on your weight?!


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